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Jnanananda is the dream of Dr. G. Sundararama raju who was the first ophthalmologist in west Godavari district.

He was joined by his son Dr. G.Satyanarayana Raju who was the best outgoing student from Mangalore University 1986. Jnanananda Ophthalmic Institute started off big on 13th of august 1989 with the golden hand of Padmabhusan Dr. P. Siva Reddy and Dr. Babu Rajendran of The Eye Research foundation, Vijaya Hospital Madras.

This institution was named after Swami Jnanananda who was a saint and a nuclear physics scientist.

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News & Events

Inanguration of Retina and Refractive services on 14th May 2017

Free Eye camp at Ganapavaram on 30/07/2017


The Retina Service takes your entire medical history and lifestyle into account to most effectively address your disease.


The natural lens, like the cornea, makes sure that the light rays which enter the eye are properly focussed on to the retina. This results in a sharp image on the retina. The natural lens is transparent and clear which enables light to pass through it easily.


The Cornea and External Disease Service of Jnanananda Eye Hospital treats patients with disorders of the cornea and outer coats of the eye, including the conjunctiva and sclera.


Often, glaucoma is asymptomatic. Therefore, people suffering from glaucoma may lose vision without knowing it. Regular eye exams are an important way to detect glaucoma.


Pediatric ophthalmologists Children can be afflicted by many eye diseases. They may be born with or may develop cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and orbital tumors, or other problems.

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our doctors

Dr.G.Satyanarayana Raju
Dr.G.V.Pavan Kumar
MBBS.,MS,FVRS Retina (Madurai)
MBBS, DNB (Madurai)